Sinar Selamat Sdn. Bhd. have our own factory to manufacture and produce our High-Visibility clothings. All production processes from design, pattern making, cutting, sewing, finished goods, artworks and delivery is done in the best time at the very competitive price possible. We believe in maintaining systems and control measures in accordance to the ISO9001:2008 and MS1731:2004 standards to deliver the high quality garments.


Our fabric supply went through QC incoming inspection before cutting. The fabric quality are checked for quality and standard of fibres, yarns, fabric construction, color fastness, tensile strength etc.


In the measuring/cutting department, our skilled operators determines the fabric yardage needed for each style and size of garment. The patterned pieces are cut out as per exact dimension from a template.


Our operators are trained to sew and join components parts together to give the final form of the clothing. The clothing are checked for any defects during the production itself with the frequency of checking at every hours.


The process of making quality water-resistant clothing’s is by sealing the fabrics and protective films using very precise heat, speed and pressure settings. Our Raincoats is sealed using hot air to ensure efficient waterproofing.


All clothings are inspected and trimmed to make the garment completely wearable. We also add other finishings which make the garments aesthethic, functional and more attractive. Care labels and SIRIM labels are also made available with each clothing.


We always implement and maintained our QC inspection report to monitor the product compliance with the SIRIM standard and certification. At every process, necessary quality system is done accordingly.