Product Code: SINAR Reboundable Pole


For road safety/delineation/ guidance and as an early warning of changes in road conditions or any obstructions ahead.

Made from retro-reflective sheeting and bright fluorescent red orange colour to ensure they are clearly visible.

Buatan Malaysia

High tensile strength & durable. Rebounds/flips back to its upright position after impact

Resistant against heat, oil, sunlight and UV exposure

Able to withstand multiple hits and run over. Will not break easily.

  1. Material : Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  2. Reflector: 3″  x 3pcs reflective tape.
  3. Height : 75cm
  4. Weight : 1.25kg
  5. Base Diameter : 20cm
  6. Pole Diameter : 8cm
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